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Never Give Up Stories


You are invited on a virtual trip hosted by Mary Vee Writer! Each time a Never Give Up Story arrives at your mailbox, you will have an opportunity to virtually see the world with Mary Vee, a suspense author. Ride a pirate ship, climb cliffs, whitewater raft, soar to the top of the Eiffel Tower, this and much more. Dare to explore from the comfort of your home. Join hundreds. The passage is free!

On Never Give Up Story journeys, Mary Vee will never share your information. Links in the newsletter are provided as an option. As the last step to ensure your passage on these virtual trips, be sure to confirm your subscription.

You are welcome to communicate with her at Email and social media links are provided on each trip. Although Mary Vee would rather you never leave, you have the option to might want to wait until we reach the shore. Sea monsters can be fierce.
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